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Impact Water

A Bottle of Impact

What is Impact Water?


Impact Water is great-tasting filtered water served in eco-friendly glass bottles. By choosing this water, you replace plastic bottles and effectively eliminate their carbon footprint. That’s not all, revenue generated from Impact Water provides sustainable safe water access for rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.



This truly is a Bottle of Impact! Not only is this a great-tasting eco-friendly option for bottled water but proceeds contribute to providing sustainable access to safe water to African villages that currently have none. Impact Water is a Project Maji initiative - a registered water NGO based in the UAE, working to bring clean drinking water to rural communities in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. Till date, Project Maji has served millions of litres of clean water to over 120,000 people through 125+ solar-powered water access points. By choosing Impact Water, you support Project Maji’s work and help make clean water a reality for those in need.

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Impact Water



  • Your tap water is filtered and tastes great!  




  • No more plastic bottles.

  • Coming directly from our kitchen, this bottle has a zero km and no CO2 footprint.


  • With the proceeds, we open taps with clean water in water-poor villages in Africa.

  • This unlocks better health, education, female empowerment & overall well-being.


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The Plastic Problem

On average, a restaurant in Dubai sells 6,000 plastic water bottles per year. Each one of these bottles will take about 450 years to decompose if it is not recycled. Impact Water helps you put a stop to this damage and do your part in protecting the environment. By choosing Impact Water, you are opting for re-usable glass bottles that contain filtered tap water from our kitchen, have a zero km supply chain and are completely eco-friendly.



Who am I helping?

You are helping villages across Sub-Saharan Africa gain access to sustainable safe drinking water. These villages have a population of around 1,000 people, and they are typically left behind by larger NGOs and local governments because of their smaller size. Project Maji brings safe water access to these villages.


How does it work?

When you buy a bottle of Impact Water, you help replace a plastic bottle and minimize the environmental harm it entails. In addition, proceeds from the sale of Impact Water bottles contribute to the work of UAE-based water NGO Project Maji and help bring clean water to villages that currently have none.


Who is Project Maji?

Project Maji is a registered water NGO in the UAE operating 125+ solar-powered water access points in Ghana, Kenya and soon in Uganda. Since 2015, Project Maji has served millions of litres of safe water to 120,000+ people and continues to expand, aiming to serve 1 million people by 2025. To learn more, head to


Why should I donate clean water?

Clean water changes everything for rural communities. Project Maji’s Impact Studies show that clean water has a clear positive ripple effect on community health, girls’ access to education, women and girls’ safety and the overall well-being of rural communities. To learn more about the impact you will make head to:

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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