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Cluster Approach

Striving for sustainability and universal coverage in the regions we operate, we work in a ‘cluster’ approach, installing our Project Maji Cubes in adjacent villages. Essentially, we create networks of water kiosk, connecting remote communities. Whilst the UN standard for access to safe water is a 30-minute walk, our goal at Project Maji is provide safe water to communities within a few steps from their homes.


The cluster approach has proven to be a successful strategy to scale for impact. We have delivered multiple clusters in Kenya and Ghana, leveraging economies of scale. It allows for efficient management, installation and maintenance of the kiosks, which saves costs. Local jobs are created to build and manage the water supply systems, and this inclusive ethos leads to stronger community commitment. Grouping communal water points furthermore strengthens local water governance structures, which in turn is imperative for the sustainability of water kiosks.

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