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Filtration – Our River Solution

The Mini Maji, our solar-powered water kiosk, which usually pumps from underground aquifers, has been adapted to pump water from a river. With the addition of an appropriate and proven rapid sand filtration unit, this solution eliminates the harmful larvae from the river water and thereby provides these communities with sustainable safe access to their preferred water source while eliminating direct contact with the infested river.

Our Project Maji River Solution is bringing a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective intervention to communities suffering from bilharzia (schistosomiasis) across the banks of the Volta River. To introduce the River Solution, Project Maji Country Director, Ghana, Amol Parker shared:

“The River Solution is truly emblematic of the kind of innovation we stand for at Project Maji – the one that implements simple, reliable and affordable technology to improve daily life. The Teikpitikope Community suffered from a myriad of life-threatening water-borne diseases and knowing that this simple solution will alleviate the community’s suffering, is why we do what we do.”

MajiPlus River Solution

Recently, the River Solution has been adapted and combined with the MajiPlus - a safe water distribution network of small kiosks. The rapid sand filtration unit of the River solution filters harmful bacteria from the river water at the central pumping station before it is pumped into the MajiPlus water access points.

Each system has on average three access points and the tank size can be between 1,000 - 2,000 liters, serving between 1,000 and 6,000 liters per day per node (depending on demand). In addition, each access point is equipped with an e-pay system and remote monitoring capacity to ensure long-term sustainability. To enhance the service levels, we also install chlorinators to purify the water to the next level.

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