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Service guarantee and remote monitoring

Service guarantee and technical support

Qualified technical support team available at all times


Water revenue covers operation and maintenance support

Remote Monitoring

Daily evaluation of each unit's performance


Maximum uptime at efficient costs

Our work begins when the taps are running, contrary to traditional charitable water models that focus on system delivery. In our market-based approach, we see villagers as consumers who are purchasing safe water against a fair price. The water revenue is allocated to fund timely maintenance and repair services and the Project Maji technicians act as service providers. Reliability of water supply promotes willingness to pay and therefore our target is 95% uptime of our kiosks and our technicians aim to repair unforeseen problems within three days.

A robust site servicing scheme, supported by remote monitoring systems, is non-negotiable. The rural water supply sector is undergoing a transformation as a result of pressures to meet the 2030 goal for clean water. The graveyard of broken handpumps is an unfortunate reality that demonstrates current approaches are incapable of meeting those targets. This can only be achieved through improved sustainability, profitability and the reliability of rural water supplies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Therefore, the kiosk caretaker receives basic training to ensure upkeep and basic daily maintenance and cleaning routines. In the unlikely event of an issue, we have a trained and qualified technical support team available in all countries of operation, with all necessary tools and components on hand to repair any problem. We budget to upgrade essential parts after a number of years, and by properly maintaining the Project Maji kiosk, the average lifespan should exceed fifteen years.

Remote monitoring and strong relationships between the technical team and the caretakers ensure maximum uptime at efficient cost. With a remote monitoring unit incorporated into every site, the performance of each kiosk can be monitored by our technical team from anywhere in the world. We evaluate and disaggregate the information sent from our sites on a daily basis allowing us to reduce unnecessary site visits by service engineers and ensures maximum uptime for the facilities at a very efficient cost.

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