We offer a solar-powered water solution bringing sustainable access to water in rural Africa

The Maji Solution

Project Maji’s unique modular solution, multiple ‘cubes’ can be attached together if required (sharing a single solar-power and water source). Our standard solution contains a 5,000-litre storage tank, providing up to 8,000 litres a day depending on the solar intensity and the aquifer. Striving for sustainability and universal coverage in the regions we operate, we work in a ‘cluster’ approach, installing our kiosks in adjacent villages. Whilst the UN standard for access to safe water is a 30-minute walk or 1 km, our goal at Project Maji is to provide safe water to communities within a few steps from homes.

Our Solar Panels
  • IP67 solar panels

  • Zero energy costs, no fossil fuels

  • No dependence on an electrical grid

Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring

  • Daily evaluation of each unit's performance

  • Maximum uptime at efficient costs

Modular Structure and Installation
  • Easy Installation with minimum tools in a few days 

  • Electrical wiring and solar panel set up comes pre-assembled

  • Minimum connection required on-site

Our Water Pumps
  • In-built sensors prevent overflow

  • Real-time record of the volume of water pumped by each community

Warranty and Lifespan
  • 2-year guarantee

  • Qualified technical support team available at all times

Cashless Payment Systems
  • Cashless payment scheme using RFID Technology

  • All transactions recorded in the system and uploaded on a dedicated server

  • Locally appointed water vendor manages the system via mobile banking