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We offer a solar-powered water solution bringing sustainable access to water in rural Africa

The Maji Solution

Project Maji’s unique modular solution, multiple ‘cubes’ can be attached together if required (sharing a single solar-power and water source). Our standard solution contains a 5,000-litre storage tank, providing up to 8,000 litres a day depending on the solar intensity and the aquifer. Striving for sustainability and universal coverage in the regions we operate, we work in a ‘cluster’ approach, installing our kiosks in adjacent villages. Whilst the UN standard for access to safe water is a 30-minute walk or 1 km, our goal at Project Maji is to provide safe water to communities within a few steps from homes.

Automated Cashless System

Our kiosks feature a simple e-payment method to ensure that money is securely collected, allowing communities 24-hour access at the touch of a tap.

Service Guarantee and Remote Monitoring

Our work begins when the taps are running, contrary to traditional charitable water models that focus on system delivery.

Modular Structures and Clusters

Project Maji’s unique modular solution provides both flexibility and scalability. Much like a giant Lego kit, multiple ‘cubes’ can be attached together if required.

Our Pumps and Solar Panels

We use IP67 rated solar panels to power our high-efficiency submersible pumps, coupled with a controller that runs at varying time intervals to ensure water-pumping is possible even during low sunlight conditions.