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We offer solar-powered water solutions to accelerate sustainable access to safe water in rural Africa

Here’s what makes us one of the best clean water charities – The Maji Solution

The Maji Solutions

Project Maji, a clean water donation charity, offers a variety of fit-for-purpose sustainable water solutions with the objective of accelerating rural water access across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our multiple fit-for-purpose highly effective solutions are a result of constant innovation. We are re-thinking rural water economics and challenging pre-conceived notions to eliminate inefficiencies. With our approach, we are successfully bringing down costs and increasing revenues from each waterpoint to set rural communities on the path of self-reliance and water security.


180 cm

Sustainable Water Solutions

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The Project Maji Edge

Automated Cashless System

Our kiosks feature a simple e-payment method to ensure that money is securely collected, allowing communities 24-hour access at the touch of a tap.

Service Guarantee and Remote Monitoring

Our work begins when the taps are running, contrary to traditional charitable water models that focus on system delivery.

Cluster Approach

Striving for sustainability and universal coverage in the regions we operate, we work in a ‘cluster’ approach, installing our Project Maji Cubes in adjacent villages.

Our Pumps and Solar Panels

We use IP67 rated solar panels to power our high-efficiency submersible pumps, coupled with a controller that runs at varying time intervals to ensure water-pumping is possible even during low sunlight conditions.

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Filtration – Our River Solution

The Mini-Maji, our solar-powered water Cube, which usually pumps from underground aquifers, has been adapted to pump water from a river.

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