Help Bring Clean Water to 100 Families

Clean water means health, education, and opportunity. For families, it’s the foundation for a stronger generation.


It takes about $100 to bring clean water to one family, but no matter how much you’re able to give, you will be contributing to a mission that changes lives, forever!

When We Say We Change Lives, We Mean it!

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With 80+ Sustainable Safe Water Points

Over 200 million litres of safe water served till date

Water collection times dropped by 90%


344 hours saved per person/per year


Waterbourne diseases have nearly fully been eliminated

Before and After Clean Water

Stories from Maji Families


Student, Kojo Ashong School

“We were fetching the water from the River Densu and we were using this water for cooking, drinking, bathing and cleaning. Our cattle and sheep were drinking the same water. I would be late to school because I had to wake up at dawn and walk through the woods to fetch water for my family. Now that we have a solar water kiosk, I can be in school early and finish my homework. But the best thing is that I can drink clean water whenever I want to.”

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