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Project Maji Household Connections are a forward-thinking water supply solution that leverages a solar-powered borehole and storage tank to establish a pressurized network catering to both prepaid public kiosks and individual household connections. In a typical setup covering 1 to 2 square kilometres, 1 to 2 public kiosks and 15 to 40 household connections are strategically integrated to ensure widespread access to clean water.

In addition to serving community dispensing points, the system extends its reach by piping water directly to individual households willing to invest in the service. This approach offers unparalleled convenience to participating households, eliminating the need for residents to travel to public kiosks to fetch water. The deployment of prepaid water meters adds a layer of flexibility for households, allowing them to purchase credits of desired values based on their weekly or monthly water consumption needs.


To sustain the reliability of this system, high-yielding wells equipped with higher-rated water pumps are essential. This ensures a consistent and ample water supply to meet the demands of both the public kiosks and individual households connected to the network. The Household Connections initiative is particularly suitable for higher-income populated communities where residents are willing to invest in a more convenient and personalized water supply service. This innovative approach not only addresses water accessibility but also aligns with the preferences and lifestyles of communities with higher economic capacities, showcasing a model that integrates efficiency, convenience, and sustainability in water distribution.

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