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Your chance to get involved in the "Clean Water for Africa" charity project.  Let’s transform lives together


Explore various partnership opportunities with us in our mission to eradicate water poverty. Our committed team is ready to collaborate with you, tailoring a program that aligns with your mission and maximizes impact, showcasing the synergy between philanthropy and business success. Your consideration to support a charity dedicated to providing clean water to African children is truly appreciated.


You can mobilise your community and raise funds for Project Maji. For $15, you can give one person access to safe drinking water for life. We typically serve a community of 1,000 people which means as a community project you can provide an entire village access to safe water if you collectively raise $15,000. Alternatively, you can also donate directly via Global Giving.

CSR & Employer Engagement  

Your company might have a Corporate Social Responsibility program with objectives that might align with Project Maji’s goals. This can range from corporate sponsorships (donate a kiosk) to employee volunteering activities. Talk to your CSR, Sustainability, Corporate Communications or Marketing department to explore opportunities to collaborate. We offer fantastic branding opportunities for commercial institutions who are looking to do good.  

Sharing your expertise  

We can greatly benefit from your specific expertise, or that of your company. In-kind support or pro-bono services in useful areas can be priceless to us. Areas can include, but are certainly not limited to, digital and multimedia design services, social impact investing and financing, legal support, high-tech and digitalisation solutions, research capacity, recruitment services, talented and qualified interns and so forth. We are a small team of professional enthusiasts who work with limited budgets and our start-up way of working requires us to be resourceful.  


Engage your network to share the Project Maji story and introduce us to potential donors and companies who might be interested in supporting water-related projects. Opening doors through referrals has proven to be one of the most powerful tools to help us grow. This might also include alerting us to grant opportunities, relevant awards for us to apply for, as well as philanthropic initiatives on family level.  

Awareness & Advocacy

You can support our work by sharing our story with friends, family, colleagues and of course your social digital network. We can only grow if people know about our amazing journey to transform lives. If you know influencers, artists, journalists or bloggers who want to work with us, we will assist in creating the right content about a Dubai charity online, so please like, share, follow, comment and engage!  


Take the opportunity to raise the topic of water scarcity and water poverty around the world. For example, in your school, at work or in your community. A great day is World Water Day on 22 March. The Project Maji team can provide high quality educational material customisable to various audiences. 

Invite us to speak!

We love to speak about our work! We are happy to speak at conferences, corporate events, community events, at schools or at social impact / impact forums. We have seasoned public speakers, including our Founder / CEO Sunil Lalvani, and we share our fascinating story about social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, the power to act, transformation of lives and communities, tech for good, smart solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, how to touch hearts and minds, and how our foundations as a ‘Clean Water for Africa’ charity were built, one drop at a time.  

If you want to get involved, please send an email to:
Sunil Lalvani - Founder & CEO.JPG
Sunil Lalvani

Founder & CEO

Wieke De Vries

Director Development & Partnerships

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