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UAE students are shaping the future!

Will You Join Us?

Living in the UAE is truly great, it is a very comfortable place for a privileged life. But as a parent or a teacher, it is possible that you worry about your children being out of touch with global realities and the sustainability crises that plague today’s world. We are here to connect Dubai kids to the global community.  

Did you know? 785 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. That is, twice the population of the United States! But do we ever come across such a problem in this country? We simply open the tap and out flows safe fresh water. The same is true for the entire developed world as well.

At Project Maji, we have created a Water Curriculum for Elementary through High School levels to educate students (in the UAE and beyond) about the global water crisis. Through the lens of Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Arts, Music & PE, students learn about the magnitude of the issue and the ripple effect it has on millions of lives.

Students go beyond statistics to learn that these numbers represent real human beings who have families, dreams, and aspirations just like we do, instilling in them an empathetic perspective.  Finally, we equip the students with tools to support sustainable solutions to end the water crisis for their peers in a beneficiary Kenyan school creating what we call WinS – Water in Schools. Each activation concludes with a fundraising push as students fundraise to provide our partner school with access to clean drinking water:

Water point.png

$2,500 for school access point

Water kiosk.png

$17,000 for full solar-powered water kiosk.[1]


 Till date, we have partnered with UAE schools like Dunecrest American School (Dubai), Dubai International Academy and Jumeirah Primary School (Dubai). Here’s a closer look at these activations:

Dunecrest American School (Dubai)


6 days. 6 Water Challenges. Result: Wendano Primary School (Kenya) now has safe water access on-premises. During the activation, Dunecrest students wrote letters to their Kenyan peers, sang water songs, painted water murals and walked across the school track with water buckets on their heads emulating the reality of millions across the globe. A few months later, Wendano students wrote back. The activation concluded with a keynote address from Project Maji’s Founder & CEO, Sunil Lalvani, as he recounted the incident that inspired him to start Project Maji.

Read more on this here: Do you have a water warrior in you?


Dubai International Academy (DIA)


From 27-29 June 20, DIA primary students celebrated their own ‘Water Week’ in collaboration with Project Maji. At DIA, the campaign was spearheaded by the student-led Water For Life Club. Students from grades 1-6 engaged with the Project Maji Water Curriculum to learn about the global water crisis and its impact on millions living in water insecurity. For instance, grades 1 and 2 students participated in an Arts lesson called ‘My Water Hero’. The students engaged with a ‘Water Crisis Factsheet’ and learned some striking facts about the water crisis. Next, the lesson requires students to draw a picture of their ‘Water Hero’ and list three powers needed to beat the water crisis.  Project Maji provided beautiful ‘water passports’ to make it easier for teachers to track water activities completed by each student during the activation.

Read more on DIA Water Week in this blog.

Jumeirah Primary School (Dubai)


On October 29, we participated in the first-ever Eco Market organised by the school. As is obvious from its name, the Eco Market, attracted a variety of sustainable businesses to raise awareness about buying local and ethical to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Project Maji was also invited to set up shop in order to raise awareness about the global water crisis and the urgent need to support sustainable solutions to it. The Eco Market is part of our long-term water partnership with JPS that has two key objectives a) raising awareness about the global crisis amongst UAE students and b) fundraising to provide sustainable access to safe water to schools in Kenya.


Join us as we equip UAE students to create life-changing impact in the lives of their peers in Kenya!

If you’re a teacher or a student interested to learn more about a potential partnership with your school, please reach out to our Director Partnerships, Wieke de Vries, at

What We Promise?

Impact Trips

Once the taps open at the student-funded water access point in the partner school in Kenya, we propose that students travel to the school. This is so they can witness first-hand, the impact they have helped to create in the lives of their peers. Staying true to our promise of going beyond statistics, students are able to put faces to numbers and see the real-life impact their efforts have delivered. In addition, we offer Impact Trips for student groups as a standalone option as well, to facilitate travel with a purpose.


Collateral Support

We provide complete collateral support to make fundraising as easy as possible. This includes a beautiful, customized kick-off video. This is  to introduce the students to the campaign, the purpose behind it and the activities they will engage in during the campaign. 

Our kick-off video for Dunecrest.

Graphic Design Support

We design beautiful water passports to make it easy for teachers to track all water activities by EC & Elementary students. Once the water activities for the campaign are decided, our communications team takes care of the design, print and delivery of the water passports to the partner school. In addition, we promise to design social media posts/dedicated webpages to support the campaign.

Penpalship Support

We hand-deliver the letters UAE students write to their peers in Kenya and vice versa.

Fundraising Permits and more

We obtain fundraising permits of behalf of partner schools to make roll-out as easy possible. Next, we also assist with drafting and disseminating press releases.

Keynote Address – A Changemaker’s Story

Finally, to conclude the campaign on a high, we offer a keynote address by our Founder & CEO, Sunil Lalvani. We all have the power to make the world better. We invite the students to listen to Project Maji Founder & CEO, Sunil Lalvani's inspirational story.  From Group Managing Director in a thriving family electronics business to a serendipitous trip to Ghana to delivering more than 200 million litres of safe drinking water to over 100,000 people.   Be inspired to be a changemaker. 

Interested in an educational partnership with us?

Please reach out to our Direct Partnerships, Wieke De Vries at or

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