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Micro Maji is a sustainable water supply solution featuring a 2,000-litre tank constructed with quick-to-install prefabricated metal structures. These structures are not only easy to transport but can also be efficiently mounted on standard cemented floors using anchor bolts. The use of prefabricated structures ensures a consistent and reliable build quality, contributing to the durability and longevity of the water supply system.

This innovative approach to community kiosks focuses on structures with lower water storage capacity, making it an ideal solution for very small population sizes or multiple community clusters spread over extensive geographies. The strategic placement of multiple access points helps reduce long queues of people during peak fetching hours at a centralized kiosk. The shared water storage concept involves smaller-sized tanks distributed across various points, bringing access closer to households. This decentralised model not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces the time taken for residents to walk to a centralized kiosk, improving overall accessibility and user experience. Micro Maji stands out as a solution that not only simplifies installation but also addresses the specific needs of communities with dispersed populations, offering a practical and responsive approach to water distribution.

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