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PRESS RELEASE: Project Maji & ALDO Partner on Rural Water Supply

Updated: May 5, 2022

March 21, Dubai: ALDO & ALDO ACCESSORIES, part of Apparel Group, has announced its 2021 fundraising campaign in partnership with Project Maji, to provide sustainable access to clean drinking water for rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, on World Water Day (observed on March 22)

ALDO has partnered with Project Maji, a non-profit safe water enterprise currently active in Ghana and Kenya, working to provide sustainable access to clean water to rural communities across sub-Saharan Africa whilst empowering women in this global water crisis. This campaign will be focused on alleviating the water crisis in small rural communities at the same time as empowering the women in the region to be independent by granting them easy access to water anytime. Approximately 300 million people in sub-Saharan Africa have little or no immediate access to a clean drinking water source. Water collection takes up a considerable amount of time for women of these communities taking away from them any chance of an education or employment.

ALDO & ALDO Accessories stores in UAE will be donating AED 1 for every shoe care product purchased at its Dubai stores. Just one Dirham can provide an entire family in Sub-Saharan Africa with safe water for a day.

Together with ALDO’s support, Project Maji hope to offer a clean, sustainable and affordable solution through the installation of solar powered water kiosks in numerous communities. ALDO & ALDO Accessories has been raising funds for the project since 2018. Till date, 2,643,976 liters of safe water has been dispensed at the ALDO-sponsored water kiosk and community selection is on for the second kiosk.

women using the Project Maji and Aldo water kiosks
Sima Ved, Founder & Chairwoman, Apparel Group: "As Apparel Group, we have always worked towards women empowerment and I'm proud to be working with Project Maji to enhance the lives of young women in sub-Saharan Africa, while also contributing to their improved help with easy access to clean water. We are proud to be showcasing the socially responsible ethics of people of UAE through our campaign."

Till date, Project Maji has installed 67 solar-powered water kiosks across rural communities in Ghana and Kenya, serving more than 60,000 people with more than 150 million liters of safe water. Their mission is to provide clean drinking water to 1 million people by 2025.

Sunil Lalvani, Founder & CEO of Project Maji: “We are so thrilled to be a part of a successful partnership with a global fashion brand such as ALDO. It is truly a meeting of minds that is helping us create transformative change through clean water and driving and raising awareness of basic issues within our world today.”

About ALDO:

Founded in 1972, ALDO Group is a leading international retailer for fashion footwear and accessories with over 1,900 stores in 94 countries. ALDO, the group’s flagship brand, delivers fashion to a diverse customer base at prices that make keeping up with seasonal styles a luxury within reach.

About Apparel Group LLC

Apparel Group is a global fashion and lifestyle retail conglomerate residing at the crossroads of the modern economy – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Today, the Apparel Group caters to thousands of eager shoppers through its more than 1750+ stores and 75+ brands across all platforms employing 16,500 multicultural staff covering four continents.

Apparel group has carved its strong presence not only in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia but opened thriving gateways to market in India, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Additionally, clear strategies are in place to enter emerging markets such as Hungary, Pakistan, Egypt and Philippines

Apparel Group Operates Brands from around the world, originating from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and include leading names in Fashion, Footwear & Lifestyle such as Tommy Hilfiger, Charles & Keith, Skechers, Aldo, Nine West, Aeropostale, Jamie’s Italian to name a few and other key brands include Tim Hortons, Cold Stone Creamery, Inglot, Rituals etc..

The Apparel Group owes its amazing growth to the vision and guidance of its dynamic Founder & Chairwoman, Sima Ved who has taken the company from strength to strength since its inception in the last two decades.

About Project Maji:

Project Maji is a non-profit safe water enterprise, working to provide sustainable access to safe water to rural communities and growth centers in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Project Maji designs, develops and implements solar-powered water kiosks, called the Project Maji Cube. Till date, we have deployed 67 solar-powered water kiosks across off-grid communities in rural Ghana and Kenya serving more than 60,000 people with more than 150 million litres of safe water. A registered NGO and an official member of the International Humanitarian City in UAE, Project Maji received Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum Global Water Award in 2019.



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