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We transform lives by providing access to safe water through your water donations


We are a non-profit social enterprise, a water donation NGO that exists to empower and transform lives by providing
sustainable, effective and solar-powered water solutions by enabling you to donate clean drinking water to rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Back in 2015, our CEO and Founder, Sunil Lalvani, witnessed the all too common scene of two children drinking water from a road-side puddle in rural Ghana. Feeling compelled to help, he used his experience in consumer electronics, to develop and deploy a solar-powered pump, to sustainably deliver safe water to a village in rural Ghana; coining the CSR project ‘Maji’ (Maji meaning water in Swahili).  Fast forward from there, Project Maji now operates as a stand-alone entity, a pan-African water donation NGO that has touched the lives of approximately 130,000+ people across Ghana and Kenya via sustainable delivery of safe water into their villages.

Project Maji Mission Statement


By 2025, Project Maji aims to serve 1 million people in rural communities suffering from water poverty with a sustainable supply of safe water using smart technologies.  

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