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We transform lives by providing access to safe water through your water donations


We are a non-profit social enterprise, a water donation NGO that exists to empower and transform lives by providing
sustainable, effective and solar-powered water solutions by enabling you to donate clean drinking water to rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Back in 2015, our CEO and Founder, Sunil Lalvani, witnessed the all too common scene of two children drinking water from a road-side puddle in rural Ghana. Feeling compelled to help, he used his experience in consumer electronics, to develop and deploy a solar-powered pump, to sustainably deliver safe water to a village in rural Ghana; coining the CSR project ‘Maji’ (Maji meaning water in Swahili).  Fast forward from there, Project Maji now operates as a stand-alone entity, a pan-African water donation NGO that has touched the lives of over 145,000 people across Ghana, Kenya, and now Uganda, via sustainable delivery of safe water into their villages.

Project Maji Mission Statement


By 2025, Project Maji aims to serve 1 million people in rural communities suffering from water poverty with a sustainable supply of safe water using smart technologies.  

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