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Mini Maji

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Also known as the ‘Project Maji Cube’, the Mini Maji contains a 5,000-litre storage tank, providing up to 8,000 litres a day depending on the solar intensity and aquifer. This is a first-of-its-kind solar-powered modular solution designed for increased efficiency and flexibility in the field. The Mini Maji can serve as the central source of the MajiPlus distribution system, sharing a single solar power and water source, increasing the daily water volume available to satellite communities. Our solution’s modularity is particularly significant because the communities we serve are often remote and difficult to access by road.

Easy installation with minimum tools in a few days
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Minimum connection required on-site
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The Mini Maji, like all our other solutions, is flat-packed for easy transportation and assembly. Using minimal tools, it can be erected in just a couple of days.  Additionally, all electrical wiring and the solar panel set-up is preassembled in our state-of-the-art factories, so require minimum connection on site (not only adding to speed of assembly, but a further assurance of long-term reliability).

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Solar Pumps & Panels


The Mini Maji uses IP67 rated solar panels to power its high-efficiency submersible pumps, coupled with a controller that runs at varying time intervals to make sure water-pumping is possible even during low sunlight conditions. The number of panels and required power is context specific and is based on the depth of the water tables. In semi-arid landscapes in Kenya for example, the aquifers are typically much deeper, and this requires more powerful solutions. Based on the hydrogeological tests we determine the capacity of each solar installation.

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Secure Collection via E-payment

In line with the Project Maji model of promoting self-reliance and transparency in the rural water sector, the Mini Maji comes with an in-built automated payment system that securely collects water revenue for future maintenance and repairs. Villagers make the water payments through pre-paid RFID tokens by topping up their accounts from a vendor or kiosk caretaker. With a simple touch, water can be dispensed, 24 hours of the day, eliminating long queuing times and effectively accelerating access to water.

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