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Do you have a water warrior in you?

The 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge

To mark Earth Day 2021, we have joined hands with Dunecrest American School (Dubai) to launch the first ever 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge. 6 days 6 challenges and 100% of Dunecrest Community will raise funds to make safe water a reality in Wendano Primary School, Kenya. Between 18th-24th April, Dunecrest students will complete 3 water challenges in school and 3 water challenges at home and donate AED 60 – 10 per challenge (voluntarily) to support sustainable access to safe water to their peers in Wendano Primary School.

Why 6?

Because women and children in Sub-Saharan Africa walk an average distance of 6 kilometers to access a sip of water, that is, a little over 3.4 miles! Our Dunecrest Water Warriors have taken it upon themselves to end the water walks in Wendano Community.

6 challenges in 6 days – for water!

The 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge includes a combination of three in-school and three at-home age-appropriate challenges for Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle & High School levels. Consistent across all levels is a water bucket challenge designed to bring to life the harsh reality of walking 6 km for water every day. See below photos of Dunecrest Water Warriors completing the Water Bucket Challenge this morning:

In addition, a set of at-home activities have been designed to instill an appreciation of water as a scarce resource as well as the struggles that lack of water implies. Students will choose three at-home activities that they find the most interesting, for example: 

  • Eat vegetarian one day to conserve the high water footprint of meat (particularly beef)

  • Calculate your personal “water footprint” 

  • Experience a 5-gallon water day (to mimic the lived reality of millions in Sub-Saharan Africa)– make a video 

  • Make a TikTok video of you trying to balance a bucket on your head and walk for 100 meters (don’t fill the bucket fully to avoid wasting water)

  • 6-km water walk and share a picture using #EarthDay21 @ProjectMaji. 

There’s more:

6x6 Water Warrior Workshops:

To conclude the 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge on April 24th 2021, a series of age-appropriate thought-provoking Water Warrior Workshops have been designed so students all over Dubai can learn about the water crisis and the ways to solve it. The workshop series includes 3 key workshops titled Mission to Grow, Hidden Water and Water Diplomacy. Each one touches upon water scarcity from a unique lens and encourages solutions that require a change in individual and household water consumption patterns as well as diplomacy and dialogue to reach middle ground in political scenarios charged by water insecurity. Children throughout Dubai are invited to be changemakers by joining Water Warrior Workshop on April 24, 3-5 pm.

A Changemaker’s Story:

Following the workshops, is a special keynote address by our Founder and CEO, Sunil Lalvani, in which he will share his own journey from Group Managing Director in a thriving family electronics business to a serendipitous trip to Ghana, leading to the creation of Project Maji. Fast forward to 2021, and Project Maji has successfully delivered more than 150 million litres of safe water to 65,000 people in rural Ghana and Kenya. Sunil’s story is truly reflective of the difference one individual can make. Parents and children are invited to be inspired and be a changemaker. Register now.

WinS (Water in Schools)

Dunecrest Water Warriors will be aiming to raise a total of AED 12,000 to make safe water a reality for their peers at Wendano Primary School. Through a uniquely developed concept, Project Maji situates a solar-powered water kiosk close to the school premises. A pipeline extension to an exclusive water point for school pupils is then created, which is connected to a wash basin to promote hand hygiene at the same time. WinS will allows us to provide safe water to the 600 students during school timings for free, and the larger Wendano community can access the communal water point 24/7. You can be a water warrior too, donate now and join us, in a mission that will change lives in Wendano Community forever!

Event Practice License issued by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD): Permit number 3739



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