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Impact Recap: A look back at #Sweat4Soap 2021

This year we celebrated Global Handwashing Day by becoming a #Sweat4Soap partner. Honouring this five-day global activation, every kilometre ran was matched by a bar of soap and every 100,000 kilometre with a solar-powered water kiosk for rural Ghanaian communities in need. The results were phenomenal. Now that the final #Sweat4Soap numbers are in, let’s take a look at the impact we have collectively made in the lives of thousands of people.

The campaign attracted participants from over 132 countries who took it upon themselves to deliver handwashing essentials making each and every step count! Together we ran 282,545 kilometres. That’s 22 TIMES around the WORLD!

More importantly, that’s 282,545 bars of soap (courtesy of Ecosoap Bank) and 2 solar-powered water kiosks (courtesy of Project Maji donors including Aqua for All) for those in need. We know that this was a united effort to achieve a goal that was FAR bigger than any one of us could have achieved alone. As a global community of runners, hikers and walkers we came TOGETHER for water!

We are deeply grateful to each and everyone of you for taking up this challenge. Thank you for your hard work and willingness to dedicate your kilometres for handwashing! A BIG Thank you especially to female forces for good, leading from the front: Mina Guli, for bringing all of us together for water and Manal Rostom for her electrifying energy as she ran with us and the Volo Community in Ghana, in support of soap and clean water.

In Ghana, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Sanitation & Water Resources, a proud #Sweat4Soap partner. The honourable Minister has accepted full responsibility for bars of soap accumulated during #Sweat4Soap to be distributed among deserving Ghanaian communities. This collaboration attracted significant media attention. Here’s a quick look. With the formidable impact it delivered, #Sweat4Soap certainly became the talk of the town and gained significant media attention. Check out the various features the campaign attracted here on our Media Page. For us, the most exciting these was our Founder & CEO, Sunil Lalvani’s appearance on EXPO Studio, Dubai:

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