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Pen pals – Connected through Water

In April 2020, we joined hands with students at Dunecrest American School (Dubai) to roll out the 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge. Completing 6 water challenges in 6 days, Dunecrest students raised funds and awareness to provide sustainable safe water access to their peers at Wendano Primary School, Kenya. One of these challenges involved writing letters to students at Wendano, telling them about their lives here in Dubai and asking them questions about life in Kenya. Our team hand-delivered these letters to students at Wendano and collected their responses addressed to Dunecrest students. Read on to learn more about this adorable exchange.

Letters from Dubai to Kenya

In their letters, Dunecrest students share their love for pizza, soccer and dogs with their friends. Here’s a glimpse at these letters:

Letters from Kenya to Dubai

The responses from Wendano revolved around the love for football, movies, pets and the dream of visiting Dubai at least once in their lives. Dunecrest students read these letters out loud during the handover. The UAE students were clearly touched by the letters they received. “Wow, she says she wants to meet me and wishes to visit Dubai”, one girl exclaimed. “My pen-pal says she is a really good football player, and her nickname is Ronaldo!”, a fellow pupil commented. In general, the similar interests of school children in Kenya and Dubai were remarkably similar.

All thanks to Dunecrest students, Wendano Primary School now has safe water access and a handwashing facility on premises. During the handover, Project Maji team shared photos from Wendano Primary School to demonstrate the real-life impact delivered by 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge:

We, at Project Maji, are deeply grateful to everyone at Dunecrest American School for taking up the cause and transforming lives with clean water. Thank you for making early morning arduous water walks, a thing of the past and providing clean water, a few steps away from their classrooms for students at Wendano Primary School.



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