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Project Maji joins YallaGive!

Just a few months ago, we formalized our presence in the UAE by becoming a member of the International Humanitarian City – the largest humanitarian hub in the world. This membership is crucial for us to strengthen our network in the UAE and mobilize support for sustainable access to safe water. IHC membership has also opened brand-new doors for Project Maji to fundraise in the UAE with the partnership and support of the city to obtain government approval.

The obvious next step for us was to join the region’s largest and the first online crowdfunding platform – YallaGive. The platform allows only verified and registered charities to fundraise and provides fully authenticated services based entirely on blockchain technology. At present, the virtual community of around 40,000 people is fundraising for 865 projects and a collective total of AED 60 million. Not only does it allow registered charities to fundraise on their own, but it also allows for the latter’s supporters to start fundraising campaigns on their behalf. Another peculiar feature it offers is that donors can leave ‘smiles’ for their preferred causes and each smile will be converted to a set amount by the YallaGive administration.

For our first campaign, we have set ourselves the challenge of raising a total of AED 40,000 to fund sustainable access to safe water for one off-grid rural community. But you can show your support with much less; give us a smile, spread the word about our campaign and fundraise for us or donate AED 50 and it will provide lifetime safe water access to one person. The point is, at YallaGive, you can choose to change a life with safe water access with as little as a smile.



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