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Project Maji launches Impact Report 2020-2021

In our Impact Report 2020-2021, we take a look back at all the curveballs we faced, the challenges we overcame and the victories we unlocked despite an unusually turbulent year. Scroll down and click the link below to browse through our Impact Report 2020-2021.

The past year has been nothing short of a whirlwind for us at Project Maji, as for the rest of the world. As the pandemic unfolded, we observed a trend in which almost overnight we saw the push to promote and facilitate hand hygiene and access to hygiene essentials namely water and soap. In the next couple of months, we saw this message slipping from the front pages as attention shifted to coping with increasing numbers of people being hospitalised, death rates climbing, and the race to find a vaccine.

In truth, we were concerned as to how this might affect support for our cause as so many new and needy causes for cropping up for our supporters. However, these fears were unfounded as we witnessed our core partners not only continuing their support for our work, but also actively supporting Project Maji’s COVID-19 response.

The result was uninterrupted access to water in our existing communities and a robust COVID-19 response that saw the invention of award-winning solutions such as the Maji Bucket. Till date, with 69 solar-powered water kiosks across Ghana and Kenya, Project Maji has served more than 70,000 people with more than 150 million litres of safe water. In addition to this, responding to the need of the hour Project Maji reached 75,000 people with handwashing trainings, bars of soap and Maji Buckets as part of our COVID-19 response. Read our Impact Report 2020-2021 for more:

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