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We are a #sweat4soap partner, are you?

This Global Handwashing Day, we have joined hands with Mina Guli and three leading SWEs to raise awareness around hand hygiene under a week-long activation called #Sweat4Soap. Every 100 km logged by runners around the globe will matched by 1 Maji Bucket donated to a community in need.

In 2017, lack of access to handwashing caused a total of 707,000 deaths globally. In 2020, with COVID-19 raging across the globe, we can safely estimate that hygiene-related mortality has exponentially risen. Therefore, this Global Handwashing Day, we have tied shoelaces with ultra-runner and water warrior Mina Guli to raise awareness around hand hygiene under a week-long activation called #Sweat4Soap.

From October 10-17, every 100 km logged by runners/walkers around the world will be matched by 1 Maji Bucket donated to a rural community in Ghana. The production and distribution of the Maji Buckets is generously supported by Aqua for All.

How to join #sweatforsoap:

1. During the week of 10-17 October, RUN or WALK any distance you like

2. Share a picture of your run and your distance

3. Tag #sweat4soap, so we can log your contribution

4. RUN/WALK as many times as you want in the week! More RUNS = More Maji Buckets and bars of soap

100 km = 1 Maji Bucket

What is the Maji Bucket?

The Maji Bucket is a low-tech Ghanaian invention developed with a vision to ensure safe handwashing practices among rural communities. It is a no-touch, foot-operated handwashing station that eliminates the need for hand touch and curbs the risk of contagion. For #Sweat4Soap, 150 Maji Buckets will be proudly produced by the Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations (GFD), with whom we have signed an MOU. GFD, is a national umbrella organization that works with the vision to ensure inclusive employment and Project Maji wants to contribute to this mission. Our technical team will provide a step by step training of the production of the bucket, creating local inclusive employment opportunities. Learn more about the bucket in our latest blog.

If we meet our running target of 15,000 km together, we can install five handwashing stations per community and provide a WASH training to support hand hygiene. We expect to reach almost 30 communities, impacting roughly 25,000 people. So, make your miles meaningful!

Let’s talk impact:

1. By joining #Sweat4Soap, together we can convert our runs into Maji Buckets and soap for communities in need

2. We raise awareness around the importance of hand hygiene by tying to a global campaign

3. We create inclusive employment opportunities in Accra, Ghana

4. Support and celebrate Mina Guli’s unparalleled work towards SDG 6.

The Project Maji Team has already signed up and will be donating our miles to #Sweat4Soap.



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