Millions live without access to safe water and available solutions are not sustainable


The Water Crisis

2.1 billion

263 million

200 million hours


Sub-Saharan Africa

Only 57%

400 million

More than 40%


Handpump Failures

Long considered a symbol of development aid, the handpump has been the default solution to the water crisis for many years. It has served millions with safe water for decades. Yet, without a secure source of funds for ongoing maintenance, when this humble technology malfunctions, communities are left with no means to repair it. For this reason, the African continent is littered with thousands of defunct, rusted and abandoned handpumps. It leaves rural communities with no choice but to go back to long, arduous walks to collect drinking water from unsafe, open water sources, putting their lives at risk. Alternative solutions are absolutely necessary, which is why Project Maji addresses this issue through innovative technology and sustainable partnerships.

184 million

1 in 4 handpump

$1.2 billion