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We are a water charity organisation that provides sustainable access to clean water – but why water?


Water is a necessity with no substitutes – it is for this reason that water charities like ourselves strive to play our part in enabling easier access to water for all those who need it.

Water is life. The availability of safe water and the lack thereof has an impact on all facets of human life including health, education, economic prosperity, and gender disparities. As a water charity organisation, we know that every dollar invested in improved water and sanitation services in rural areas yields an average return of $7 in reduced health care costs and economic productivity. Women, who are primarily responsible for water collection, shoulder most of this burden, but also stand the most to benefit from sustainable access to safe water. This is why we believe a truly sustainable solution that leaves no one behind, is the answer to the rural water crisis. We have aligned our work with the UN sustainable development framework that remains at the heart of what we do, guiding us in our interaction with the people, the planet and water solutions. In addition, the Sustainable Development Goals provide for the leading framework against which we measure our impact.


Sadichi, the in-charge nurse at a local health facility in rural Ghana, shares the long list of water-borne illnesses the local community suffers from due to unclean drinking water: 

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