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DIA Water Week 2022 Takes Off!

Up for some exciting news? Project Maji has partnered with the ‘Water For Life’ Committee at Dubai International Academy (Emirates Hills) to launch a ‘Water Week’ from 27-29 June! During the three days of the activation, students from grades 1-6 will be engaged in a variety of water-themed activities to learn about the global water crisis, its effect on millions of lives across the globe and sustainable solutions to the problem. Here’s more on this exciting partnership:

Water For Life (WFL) Committee The campaign is spear-headed by the student-led Water For Life Club at DIA, that is on a mission to raise awareness towards reducing the impact of the global water crisis. We first met the WFL team earlier this year and started planning the roll-out of our first joint Water Week. The goal of the water week is to educate DIA students about the global water crisis and the high coping cost it entails for millions in the developing world. To this end, Project Maji’s Water Curriculum (details in the following section) will be rolled out to provide detailed knowledge & teaching tools on the subject. WFL Committee President, Lucia GutierrezBaz and Vice President, Tia Billimoria have co-ordinated the curriculum roll out with DIA teaching staff.

DIA Water Week Explained

From June 27-29, grades 1 till 6 will engage in ‘water lessons & activities’ learning all things water! For instance, today grades 1 and 2 will take part in an Arts lesson called ‘My Water Hero’. The students will engage with a ‘Water Crisis Factsheet’ and learn some striking facts about the water crisis. Next, the lesson requires students to draw a picture of their ‘Water Hero’ and list three powers needed to beat the water crisis.

Here's a snapshot of grade 1 students, taking the lesson:

Project Maji has designed beautiful water passports to make it easier for teachers to track each students’ water activities. The passports (pictured below) can be found on our dedicated webpage containing all necessary information.

Finally, the week ends with a final push to reiterate the significance of sustainable solutions to the global water crisis and inspiring stories.

More on our ‘Water Curriculum’

We are so proud to share that we have developed an enriching ‘Water Curriculum’ containing teaching materials for English, Science, Social Studies, Maths, Arts, Music and PE for all levels from Elementary through High School. The curriculum contains easy to roll out water lessons that teachers can easily fit in their schedule and roll out with minimum effort. The curriculum provides insight into key sustainability issues and inspiration as well as tools to take up the cause and do something about it.

So, if you’re a teacher or a student interested to learn more about a potential partnership with your school, please reach out to our Director Partnerships, Wieke de Vries, at Here’s what you can expect from a Water Week in partnership with Project Maji.

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